Welcome to dear john designs! This website is one of many steps, albeit a basic one, towards getting what has now been a dream of mine for some time off the ground. I will use this as a home base for all my upcoming design and art classes. Classes will be geared towards both adults and children. Eventually, I hope to expand to a website that includes online tutorials, original works for sale, and vintage pieces for sale. Those are still things I am fleshing out in my mind. For now- art classes!

Many of you may know that I am currently a middle school art teacher. I appreciate my job, deeply, and I enjoy spreading my love and knowledge of art and art history to my students. Sadly, at the end of the day, it is still a j-o-b, with restrictions and standards and budgetary limits. I don’t get to flex my own art muscles all that much, either. So, I decided to find another outlet where I could use my talents for educating, art, and thinking outside the box that didn’t have all the constraints of the public school system. I love teaching others and I love creating art, so here we are.

First up will be an art journaling class for adults early in the new year. I will be posting details in the next week.




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